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Recovery Rounds is a joint development between RAD and Yoga Medicine. A softer tool that can revitalise fascia and make tissues more elastic with a gentle touch. Research has highlighted an important element of tissue health: the hydration of the fascia. That’s why we wanted to add to our product range a facilitating, less vigorous massaging device that is multi-purpose and ideal for rehabilitation.

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Dimensions 6 cm

Silicone (BPA and Latex free)


Lifetime guarantee


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If we compare muscle relaxation with RAD Roller to rolfing, we can say that using Recovery Rounds is like a relaxing Swedish massage. These versatile balls do not exert as much pressure on the target area, so they try to calm the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for subconscious tasks such as digestion). You'll love them on your neck, back, hips and shoulders ... anywhere that feels good for a nice massage.


Research has shown that hanging out not only has a physical effect, but also a neurological one. During SMR, nerve endings and receptors in the muscles are also stimulated. Yoga Medicine experts have discovered that the same effects can be achieved with softer tools. That's why Recovery Rounds are made of soft silicone (about the hardness of a used tennis ball). So it can trigger these neurological effects with a gentle touch.

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These wildly versatile tools turn down the volume on pressure to promote calm in your mind and throughout your parasympathetic nervous system. You’ll love using these baby blues on your neck, back, hips…and anywhere that could use a relaxing touch. The Recovery Rounds were specially designed to help relieve tension associated with:

  • Tight hips
  • Hunchback posture
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle dehydration
  • Poor circulation
  • Yoga recovery
  • Poor movement patterns
  • Post workout soreness
  • Tight muscles



The size of the tool you choose will affect how your body reacts. For example, treating your tight hamstrings with the normal firmness Roller will give you a more intense sensation than using the Rod. Although the table shows that the normal Roller is softer than the Rod, it has a smaller surface area in contact with your body and therefore "penetrates" the tissues better. Because of the Rod's larger contact area, and the fact that you're applying the force with your arms, it's less intense.


Use on a softer surface, such as a carpet, to reduce the intensity. On a hard surface - such as lying on the floor - the instrument feels harder, the sensation is more intense.


Even a softer tool will have a powerful effect on particularly tight muscles, especially if it is a tool with a smaller surface area. For example, if your hamstring muscles are very tight and you are using the soft Roller, even this relatively soft tool will produce a more intense sensation than the harder but more oversized Axle.

Rounds Micro Rounds Recovery Rounds Neuro Ball Roller
Size 2 cm - 4 cm - 6 cm 2 cm / pc 6,5 cm / pc 8 cm / pc 12,5 cm x 6,5 cm
Weight 116 gr 9 gr 156 gr 167 gr 368 gr
Hardness extra stiff (black), medium (blue), soft (green) Extra stiff Extra soft Medium Soft, medium, stiff
Materials silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone
Number of products in the package 3 3 2 2 1
Latex free X X X X X
Can be stored in the Block X X X X
Designed for the human body X X X X X
Free app X X X X X
Lifetime guarantee X X X X X
The main system our body uses to remove microscopic waste is the lymphatic system, which uses lymph fluid to carry all these molecules out. When we talk about the body being mostly water, we're mostly referring to lymph! By using the Recovery Rounds, you can assist all this lymph in pushing waste products out of the body. We don't want our bodies to be stagnant lakes, we want them to be the crystal clear, free moving stream!
The lymphatic system in our body is mostly passive, it needs muscles and movement to push fluid around, and push waste products out. Muscles function as pumps for lymph to help squeeze all this fluid around. When you have tight muscles, they aren't very effective pumps. Using the Recovery Rounds can help to pump fluid in and out of the system, speeding up recovery and helping you to feel your best.
Research has shown that myofascial release might be more related to changes in the nervous system, rather than physically changing the tissue. What that means is that we're really just looking to calm the nervous system, and let it naturally open up the musculature. Oftentimes we can get all we need with super soft tools, allowing us to relax and enjoy the release, instead of 'grinding it out'.
Absolutely. We teach professionals to always move afterwards, which helps to 'iron in' new patterns into the nervous system. We release, then make an effort to integrate that newfound range of motion into the system. Moving after doing any kind of myofascial release will always help you keep any progress you've made.
So-called lifetime guarantee. This means precisely that we provide a continuous guarantee for the products for as long as the production of the product is not stopped. This only applies to manufacturing defects. So if you have a RAD Roller that breaks after say 3 years, you report it to us and if the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will send you a new Roller.
No. These products - although they are health aids - and help to regain/improve our mobility and flexibility (even with very spectacular results), they do not cure a specific disease.
  • Severe osteoporosis. (If you have weak osteoporosis, consult your doctor!)
  • Fracture.
  • Tumour disease.
  • Around open wounds.
  • On parts of the body with oedema and haematoma.
  • If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or physiotherapist.
It depends on what the problem is. If you have cancer, you should not use them. If you just have a cold, feel free. If you are unsure, consult your doctor or ask our physiotherapist for advice.
Preferably every day. The effect of manual therapy is permanent if it is used regularly. Experimental results have shown that at least 2 weeks of therapy is recommended for long-term results.
5-10 deep breaths are enough for each position.
You will feel a slight pain during the treatment. A little more severe pain in the worse resections and sensitive nodules (trigger points). However, it is important to remember that it is not good if it hurts too much. If you trigger too much pain, your body's defence mechanism kicks in and you involuntarily contract your muscles, which is exactly the opposite of your goal (to relax your muscles).
Contact us using the contact details at the top of the page or by filling in the contact form. You can also call our physiotherapist directly on +36309895315.
Right after the treatment. In some cases, the change in mobility and flexibility will be very spectacular. Any pain you may be experiencing will also be reduced almost immediately. However, the effects of a single treatment wear off relatively quickly. Long-term change can be achieved through regular use.
You don't have to, but if you want to permanently increase your range of motion, it's a good idea to do mobilisation exercises to lock in your newly acquired range of motion.


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