About the team and the company

A few words about our principles, us and RAD in the US.

About the team and the company

A few words about our principles, us and RAD in the US.


Innovate. Re-innovate. Innovate again and again (when the situation calls for it).


You need the body and the brain to move. RAD connects the two.


The desire for a healthy lifestyle is in our blood.


Our mother was right. Honesty is always the right direction.


Business is serious, but life doesn’t have to be!

Gerencsér Balázs | BFour Innovative Tools

Gerencsér Balázs

Chef Everything Officer
The man who tries to keep things under control. Feel free to contact him on any matter (especially business), but if you have deep professional questions and need a quick answer, target the more professional ones. Hobbies: high mountain hiking, basketball with his children. E-mail: balazs@radroller.hu

Kiss Borbála | BFour Innovative Tools

Kiss Borbála

Physical therapist, health promotion wellness therapist
Our team is backed up by 20+ years of experience in healthcare. Something hurts or you’re not sure you’re doing the exercise right? Contact her! E-mail: bobo@radroller.hu. Hobbies: gymnastics, hiking, running

Soós Georgina | BFour Innovative Tools

Soós Georgina

PR, Sales
Gina’s aerobic training qualifications and experience are extremely important to our company. For an informal chat about RAD products and concepts, contact gina@bfour.eu. Hobbies: aerobics, deep work, running after the kids.

Hoffmann Balázs | BFour Innovative Tools

Hoffmann Balázs

PR: sport, Professional background, Education
Balázs has swapped his professional sporting career for an amateur one in order to finish his basketball coaching school and focus on your questions about the relationship between RAD and professional sport. You can reach him here: hofi@bfour.eu. Hobbies: basketball, mobilisation.


A RAD Roller LLC. began in an American town called Boulder, Colorado.

The first product, the standard hardness RAD Roller, was developed by biomechanical engineer Mike Mallory and professional triathlete Dan McIntosh. With this product, these two inventors have created a niche. Before the creation of the RAD Roller, there was no other massage tool on the market that could provide such effective muscle mobilisation without causing painful pressure or injury to the bones, neck or back. This patent-pending design was soon available in 3 different hardnesses. The success of this product inspired the creation of a whole RAD product line.

RAD is a very unique product, inspired by human movement, available to anyone and able to bring reliefto every muscle in the body.

RADRoller Team
RADRoller Team


The BFour Innovative Tools Kft. is currently the exclusive distributor of RADproducts in Central Europe. We are convinced that RAD products are the best of their kind, which, combined with a lifetime guarantee and professional, physiotherapist-supported customer service, makes them an attractive alternative to other similar products. If you share this opinion and think you would like to be our partner, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

In the future, we plan to introduce more innovative sport, fitness and rehabilitation products in Central Europe.


Shopping with us is just the beginning of the journey. The ultimate goal is freer movement, and we will do our best to support this. Our physiotherapist will answer your questions free of charge, and if there’s a problem with the product, you can count on our lifetime guarantee.


We only ever sell the best products in our opinion, and you can put your name and face next to them.


Our products are delivered quickly, accurately and with maximum attention to customer requests. Our average delivery time: 48 hours (from placing the order to receiving the product).

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