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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

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What warranty applies to the products?

So-called lifetime guarantee. This means precisely that we provide a continuous guarantee for the products for as long as the production of the product is not stopped. This only applies to manufacturing defects. So if you have a RAD Roller that breaks after say 3 years, you report it to us and if the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will send you a new Roller.


What is the delivery time?

2-3 working days. Usually the courier picks up the parcel from us the afternoon of the day after the order is placed, and it is delivered the next day.


What are the contraindications?

  • Severe osteoporosis. (If you have weak osteoporosis, consult your doctor!)
  • Fracture.
  • Tumour disease.
  • Around open wounds.
  • On parts of the body with oedema and haematoma.
  • If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or physiotherapist.


Do the products cure any diseases?

No. These products – although they are health aids – help us to regain/improve our mobility and flexibility (even with very spectacular results), but they do not cure a specific disease.


If I am not healthy, can I use the products?

It depends on what the problem is. If you have cancer, you should not use them. If you just have a cold, feel free. If you are unsure, consult your doctor or ask our physiotherapist for advice.


How often should I use them?

Preferably every day. The effect of manual therapy is permanent if it is used regularly. Experimental results have shown that at least 2 weeks of therapy is recommended for long-term results.


How long should each exercise on the website last?

5-10 deep breaths are enough for each position.


What do I need to feel to know that I’m doing it right?

You will feel a slight pain during the treatment. A little more severe pain in the worse resections and sensitive nodules (trigger points). However, it is important to remember that it is not good if it hurts too much. If you trigger too much pain, your body’s defence mechanism kicks in and you involuntarily contract your muscles, which is exactly the opposite of your goal (to relax your muscles).


When will I feel the effects of the exercise?

Right after the treatment. In some cases, the change in mobility and flexibility will be very spectacular. Any pain you may be experiencing will also be reduced almost immediately. However, the effects of a single treatment wear off relatively quickly. Long-term change can be achieved through regular use.


How can I ask for help if I am unsure?

Contact us using the contact details at the top of the page or by filling in the contact form. You can also call our physiotherapist directly on +36309895315.


How can I choose the RAD product(s) that best suits me?

Read everything you can find on this website. If you’re still unsure which tool would be best for your goals, contact us or give us a call!


Do you have a volume discount?

We do not currently offer automatic volume discounts. If you need many tools, please contact us. It may even be that one of our partner programmes would be best for you.


Do you have a loyalty programme?

We do not currently operate a loyalty programme.


Can I get free delivery?

Yes. Delivery is free of charge for orders over 20.000 HUF. We want you to feel at ease with our products from the very first moment.


How can I join your team?

If you feel your clients/patients/athletes may be interested in the products or would like to get involved for any reason, please contact us!


Is there somewhere to take a RAD course?

Yes, although at the moment there are only regular RAD courses in the USA (RAD Mobility 1-3, RAD Golf and RAD Yoga). To find out when and where in Hungary, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our Facebook page.


How does credit card payment work on your site?

Smoothly and safely. 🙂 These are the two reasons why we decided to entrust PayPal, Stripe and Barion with the management of our credit card transactions. PayPal provides the payment system for eBay and many other major global online stores. Stripe is also a globally recognised financial services company. The most important feature of all of them is that when you use them, your credit card details are not disclosed to the merchant (us). To find out more, visit this site.

And from 2020, you can also choose our other payment partner for credit card payments, Barion. Founded in 2015, Barion Payment Zrt. an electronic payment service provider. It is licensed by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and provides cross-border services to customers in the European Economic Area.


I ordered cash on delivery, but I received a transfer invoice. What should I do?

Once we’ve sent you your order, our system will automatically issue an e-invoice for your payment. If you have requested cash on delivery, you will have to pay the courier and the transfer invoice will be paid.


I changed my mind, I would like to exchange the product for another one. Is that possible?

Of course! We want you to be happy with your tool! In this case, please contact us at info@radroller.hu. We will send you the new product of your choice and the courier will return what you don’t need. So you don’t have to post the product! The exchange fee is HUF 1.900 gross, payable to the courier.


I do not want the product. What should I do?

If you decide to exercise your right of withdrawal, please return the product to our address and we will refund both the product and the delivery fee. You can do this within 14 days of receiving your product, without giving any reason!

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