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The RAD Atom is a massage tool that can be used over a large part of the body, allowing a well-controlled self-massage thanks to its firmness and size. Perfect for shoulders, glutes and adductors. This innovative masterpiece can be used in two ways: you can roll on it in the usual way, but if you guide the RAD Rod through the middle of the Atom, you get a precision tensioning bar to counteract muscle tension.

Weight 0,512 kg
Dimensions 11 cm

ABS and Polymer


Lifetime guarantee


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When you think of spot muscle relaxation, you probably think of tiny massage tools that can work in the tightest of places. When you think of a self-massage on a large surface, the image of a big, cumbersome foam roller is bound to spring to mind. RAD Atom is the sweet spot between the two. It's the perfect size to use in hard-to-reach areas like the inner shoulder, hips or trapezius, but it does so with a much smaller surface area - and therefore more pressure - than a foam roller.

RAD Atom hamstring massage


Surprise! The RAD Atom is round for a reason. When you look at muscles under a microscope, you realise that they are more spatial than planar. This is why fascial force transfer occurs in all directions, not just linearly. A spherical device such as the RAD Atom can "attack" adhesions and constricted fascial parts from several angles (especially in combination with the RAD Rod). And this 360 degree attack is incredibly effective.

Rad Mobility app

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Thanks to the RAD Atom's size and precisely targeted hardness, you'll have excellent access to all the big muscles you want to work. With the most dynamic tool in our range, you can enjoy the benefits of two worlds: the precision of massage balls and the 'rolling' experience of massage rollers. We recommend Atom primarily for:

  • Tight hips
  • Post-workout recovery
  • Tight hamstring
  • All-day sitting session
  • Tight quadriceps femoris
  • Tight gluteal muscles
  • Tight pectoral muscles
  • Sloppy posture
  • Tight shoulders



The size of the tool you choose will affect how your body reacts. For example, treating your tight hamstrings with the normal firmness Roller will give you a more intense sensation than using the Rod. Although the table shows that the normal Roller is softer than the Rod, it has a smaller surface area in contact with your body and therefore "penetrates" the tissues better. Because of the Rod's larger contact area, and the fact that you're applying the force with your arms, it's less intense.


Use on a softer surface, such as a carpet, to reduce the intensity. On a hard surface - such as lying on the floor - the instrument feels harder, the sensation is more intense.


Even a softer tool will have a powerful effect on particularly tight muscles, especially if it is a tool with a smaller surface area. For example, if your hamstring muscles are very tight and you are using the soft Roller, even this relatively soft tool will produce a more intense sensation than the harder but more oversized Axle.

Centre Atom Recovery Rounds Neuro Ball Roller
Size 15-18 cm 11 cm 6,5 cm / db 8 cm / db 12,5 cm x 6,5 cm
Weight 57 gr 544 gr 156 gr 167 gr 368 gr
Hardness Extra soft (inflatable) Extra stiff Extra soft Medium Soft, medium, stiff
Composition silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone
Number of products in the package 1 1 2 2 1
Latex free X X X X X
Can be combined with Rod and Rod Mini - X - - -
Designed for the human body X X X X X
Free app X X X X X
Lifetime guarantee X X X X X

The larger muscle groups are ... well ... larger. :) The size and firmness of the Atom has been adjusted to help you work those big muscles effectively. For example: pectoralis muscles, gluteus muscles, hamstrings.

The Atom is perfect for the legs. Just right for your glutes and high enough to reach your groin, hamstrings and calves. The force is with you, so you can precisely control the weight you put on the device, and therefore the intensity you apply.

RAD Atom can be combined with Rod and Axle. Sticking the end of the Rod into the Atom gives you a kind of "crowbar" that you can use to twist the layers of fabric together, or you can roll yourself into it by sticking it all the way in. By placing the Atom on the Axle, you can comfortably massage your pectoral muscles, opening up your shoulders and upper back.

Well, that's a difficult question. It would be best to have both ... The Roller is primarily designed to work the muscles along the spine - although it is extremely versatile - and the Atom is ideal for the larger muscles of the body.

When you feel that your hips are tight, it is an indication that the systems above and below them (such as the muscles in the lower back) are overstretched. If your hips don't rotate enough, the lumbar section is forced to help out, putting strain on the back vertebrae and ligaments. In short: free your hips, freeing your back!

Can you squat down completely without your heels coming off the ground? Can you sit in a squat position with your knees on the floor? If not, it is quite likely that your gluteal muscles and/or hips are tight. But don't worry! Use Atom regularly, go mobile and see the progress!

So-called lifetime guarantee. This means precisely that we provide a continuous guarantee for the products for as long as the production of the product is not stopped. This only applies to manufacturing defects. So if you have a RAD Roller that breaks after say 3 years, you report it to us and if the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will send you a new Roller.

No. These products - although they are health aids - and help to regain/improve our mobility and flexibility (even with very spectacular results), they do not cure a specific disease.

  • Severe osteoporosis. (If you have weak osteoporosis, consult your doctor!)
  • Fracture.
  • Tumour disease.
  • Around open wounds.
  • On parts of the body with oedema and haematoma.
  • If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

It depends on what the problem is. If you have cancer, you should not use them. If you just have a cold, feel free. If you are unsure, consult your doctor or ask our physiotherapist for advice.

Preferably every day. The effect of manual therapy is permanent if it is used regularly. Experimental results have shown that at least 2 weeks of therapy is recommended for long-term results.

5-10 deep breaths are enough for each position.

You will feel a slight pain during the treatment. A little more severe pain in the worse resections and sensitive nodules (trigger points). However, it is important to remember that it is not good if it hurts too much. If you trigger too much pain, your body's defence mechanism kicks in and you involuntarily contract your muscles, which is exactly the opposite of your goal (to relax your muscles).

Contact us using the contact details at the top of the page or by filling in the contact form. You can also call our physiotherapist directly on +36309895315.

Right after the treatment. In some cases, the change in mobility and flexibility will be very spectacular. Any pain you may be experiencing will also be reduced almost immediately. However, the effects of a single treatment wear off relatively quickly. Long-term change can be achieved through regular use.

You don't have to, but if you want to permanently increase your range of motion, it's a good idea to do mobilisation exercises to lock in your newly acquired range of motion.


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