What is a cookie?

A cookie is a packet of information, defined by the server, that the server sends to the browser and the browser sends to the server with each request. Browsers usually store cookies in plain text file(s) (cookie files), so some cookies will be available even after you turn off and restart your browser.


What cookies does radroller.hu use and for what?

We classify the cookies used on our sites into the following categories:

1. Absolutely necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for browsing our website, using its features and remembering actions taken on the site. They are only valid for the duration of your visit and are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of your session or when you close your browser.

2. Cookies for performance measurement

We use Google Analytics cookies to analyse our website so that we can develop and improve our portal in line with visitors’ habits. Importantly, these cookies cannot and do not attempt to specifically identify visitors. You can read more about them here.

3. Functional cookies

They make your website easier and more enjoyable to use.

4. Cookies used for targeting or advertising

In this case, we share some of the content of the cookies with a third party on which we advertise. Eg. For Google advertising with Google. (you can disable this feature at any time).

They aim to provide visitors with information that may be of interest or importance to them. These cookies are also unable to specifically identify visitors (the IP address just used is only partially recorded).


What are those third party cookies?

On our pages, you will also find links or icons of other websites, e.g. Facebook Like button, YouTube video link, Twitter page icon, etc., which will direct the visitor to the given page when clicked. These sites also use cookies, the rules for which can be found on the respective sites. A radroller.hu is not responsible for the content and operation of other external websites and does not control the sites of third parties.

These cookies are only sent when you visit certain sub-pages and are only used to store the fact and time of your visit to that sub-page.

Our website also uses Google AdWords remarketing cookies to reach visitors with relevant ads on pages in the Google Display network. You can disable these cookies in Google’s advertising settings manager, and you can read about Google’s privacy policy on advertising by clicking here.


How do we notify visitors and ask for their consent to the use of cookies?

On your first visit to the radroller.hu website, a notice will pop up at the bottom of the screen informing you that radroller.hu uses cookies that you can find out about here, and a link to this notice.


How can you check / delete / remove cookies?

Cookies are automatically accepted by most browsers to ensure that websites function properly and are user-friendly.

It is important to be aware that disabling/removing some or all cookies – which you can do at any time in your browser settings – may change the way the website works, affecting other users of your computer.


You can read about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers at the following links

Google Chrome; Firefox; Microsoft Internet Explorer 8; Microsoft Internet Explorer 9; Microsoft Internet Explorer 10; Microsoft Internet Explorer 11;Safari

Some browsers allow you to restrict cookies by setting security levels.


More information about cookies:

General information: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP-süti

You can find Google’s Privacy Policy here: https://www.google.com/intl/hu/policies/privacy/

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